Report on the first stakeholder’s workshop is now available

First stakeholder’s workshop held at LNEC, Lisbon, on the 2nd December 2014. The report describing the workshop interactive methodologies and summing up the main outputs is herein available (LIFE Hymemb deliverable).

LIFE Hymemb_Deliverable WS#1_capaMembrane technology and, particularly, ceramic membranes are emerging in many European countries but not yet in Portugal… For an effective technology transfer from R&D to end-users it is necessary to raise awareness and to build bridges between engineering and social dimensions. Action B5 addresses the characterization of the stakeholders’ values, believes and attitudes to test resistances, changes, obstacles and opportunities of using PAC/MF in drinking water production in EU and in Portugal. A stakeholders’ panel was constituted and two stakeholders workshops were planned, before (WS1) and after (WS2) the PAC/MF pilot tests. WS1 took place on the 2nd December 2014 at LNEC’s facilities; involved 31 participants of different economic activities from Algarve and national entities related with water quality, water treatment and consumers protection policies in a highly productive journey. The active and collaborative methodologies used overcame the best expectations and the exercises alignment revealed to be very fruitful for identifying relevant dimensions to be addressed in PAC/MF technology development. The project’ deliverable “Report 1 on workshop 1 of the stakeholders’ panel” includes a description of the methodologies used, a brief summary of the main outputs and follow-up initiatives. Read/download the report