National Civil Engineering Laboratory is a state owned research and development institution founded in 1946 and based in Lisbon, Portugal. LNEC works in the various domains of civil engineering, giving it a unique multidisciplinary perspective in this field. LIFE Hymemb engages 5 researchers from the Urban Water Division – Water Quality and Treatment Research Laboratory and two researchers from the Town Planning Division, the later addressing the evaluation of the social impact of large engineering projects and the perception of technological and natural “hazards”.




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Alcantarilha Water Treatment Plant treats water from Odelouca dam by pre-ozonation, coagulation with PAC adsorption if needed, flocculation/sedimentation, rapid sand filtration and chlorination; 259 000 m3/day max. capacity, in three lines in parallel to face seasonal water demand.

Águas do Algarve, SA (AdA) is an Affiliate of Águas de Portugal and is responsible for supplying drinking water to 15 municipalities, to ca. 420,000 inhabitants in low season and up to 1,200,000 in high season in the Algarve region (southern Portugal). AdA runs four Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) (6.5 m3/s max. capacity) and a bulk supply system of more than 450_km of mains, pumping systems and reservoirs. It is also responsible for the operation and management of the Algarve Multi-municipal Sanitation System. AdA has a laboratory (around 150,000 water analysis per year, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited) that controls and guarantees the supplied water quality, as well as the quality of the water sources and the treated wastewaters. In 2007, AdA implemented and certified through ISO 22000 the Water Safety Plan (WSP) and obtained a Product Certification for the drinking water supplied. It has been involved in several national and European research projects.

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