Meeting with the Advisory Council

Fruitful meeting with the Advisory Council on the 29th April 2016

LIFE Hymembers met with the Advisory Councilors last 29th April. A very positive assessment was made and very fruitful comments and suggestions were received from the 5 Councilors present, namely, Alexandra Serra (AdP), Helena Alegre (LNEC), Jaime Melo Baptista (LNEC, former Regulator of the water sector), Paula Freixial (ERSAR), Rafaela Matos (LNEC). The Councilors successfully brought the perspectives from the key stakeholders – from reference researchers on performance assessment/process benchmarking (H. Alegre, J. Melo Baptista, R. Matos) and R&D communication (R. Matos) to regulator (J. Melo Baptista, P. Freixial) and water utility decision-makers (A. Serra).