LIFE Hymemb on Indústria & Ambiente special issue on “Água e Resíduos – desafios comuns”

image2143LIFE Hymemb was present in an article by invitation published in Indústria & Ambiente special issue (vol. 84, Jan-Feb. 2014) on “Water and waste – common challenges”, dedicated to the 12nd Water Congress, 16th ENaSB and 16th SILUBESA joint event ( The article “Water and wastewater quality and treatment. Challenges and opportunities”, by Maria João Rosa, Elsa Mesquita and Catarina Silva, addressed the climate extreme phenomena affecting the urban water cycle, namely, water scarcity and heavy rain events, the increasing anthropogenic pressures on the raw water quality focusing on emerging contaminants and the ongoing research at LNEC’s Water quality and treatment laboratory. Full article (in Portuguese) may be read from, pp. 12-15.