Meeting with the Advisory Council

Fruitful meeting with the Advisory Council on the 29th April 2016

LIFE Hymembers met with the Advisory Councilors last 29th April. A very positive assessment was made and very fruitful comments and suggestions were received from the 5 Councilors – Alexandra Serra (AdP), Helena Alegre (LNEC), Jaime Melo Baptista (LNEC and former Regulator of the water sector – exERSAR), Paula Freixial (ERSAR), Rafaela Matos (LNEC).

The Councilors successfully brought the perspectives from the key stakeholders – from reference researchers on performance assessment/process benchmarking (H. Alegre, J. Melo Baptista, R. Matos) and R&D communication (R. Matos) to regulator (J. Melo Baptista, P. Freixial) and water utility decision-makers (A. Serra).