Characterizing stakeholders’ attitudes towards membrane tech

1st workshop held at LNEC, Lisbon, on the 2nd December 2014

IMG_20141202_160721Membrane technology and, particularly, ceramic membranes are emerging in many European countries but not yet in Portugal… LIFE Hymemb project included the characterization of stakeholder’s values, believes and attitudes to test the resistances, changes, obstacles and opportunities of using the hybrid PAC/MF (powdered activated carbon/microfiltration) process with ceramic membranes in drinking water production. After identifying key-role actors and constituting the stakeholders panel, the first workshop was held in Lisbon, at LNEC facilities on the 2nd December 2014. The stakeholders’ workshop brought together more than 30 participants of different economic activities from Algarve and national entities related with water quality, water treatment and consumers protection policies. Active methodologies were used and discussion was centered in the implication of using the new technology in focal subjects such as economic and territorial development, population and environmental and human health. Read more