5th Executive Board Meeting/External monitor visit

LIFE Hymembers outlined the project results on the 5th Executive Board Meeting/External monitor visit

LIFE Hymembers held its fifth executive board meeting last week (27th June) at Alcantarilha WTP, Algarve, together with an external monitoring visit (Neemo). The meeting focused the encouraging project progress and outcome.

Last 27th June, the Executive Board of LIFE Hymemb met at Alcantarilha water treatment plant, Algarve, for the fifth time. Participants included members of both partners, LNEC and Águas do Algarve S.A., and the European Commission External Monitor Dr. Filipa Ferrão (Neemo). During the project meeting the progress and outputs of each action were presented and debated and the project prototypes PAC/MF (advanced treatment) and PAC/CFS (conventional treatment) were visited.

PAC/MF prototype (powdered activated carbon/ceramic microfiltration) is operating at Alcantarilha WTP since July 2015 to demonstrate a resilient and sustainable solution for controlling emerging contaminants – pharmaceuticals, cyanotoxins, viruses, protozoa, natural organic matter – in drinking water production. The membrane module (KleanSep, Orelis) contains three tubular ceramic membranes with a total area of 0.75 m2 and 0.1 μm pore diameter. One of the main objectives of the project is to identify PAC/MF optimal pre-treatment and cleaning strategies and optimize the PAC/MF operating conditions under different feed water qualities (filtered, decanted, ozonized and raw water). Demonstration with filtered and decanted water was already carried out and is in progress with ozonized water. Up to this moment very promising results have been obtained in terms of treated water fluxes and water quality.

The PAC/CFS prototype represents the PAC conventional addition to a coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation treatment and is used for benchmarking PAC/MF vs. conventional treatment. Though not originally foreseen in the project was used for enabling EC spiking trials in the conventional treatment.