LIFE Hymemb in interview

In November, LIFE Hymemb was given highlight in Água & Ambiente Journal with a full-page exclusive interview with LNEC’s project coordinator Maria João Rosa.

LNEC’s Senior Researcher Maria João Rosa presented an overview of LIFE Hymemb project, particularly focusing on its demonstration of an innovative technology for water treatment based on a hybrid activated carbon/ceramic membrane process. In the interview it was highlighted that with the hybrid process it is possible to benefit from the advantages of ceramic membranes (long lifetime and low maintenance and operation costs) simultaneously with the ability of activated carbon to remove dissolved organic matter, which is particularly important for controlling emerging contaminants. A prototype will be installed in Alcantarilha water treatment plant (WTP) in the early months of 2015 until the end of 2016. Since it is believed that there are still resistances to the use of membrane technology in Portugal, a stakeholders’ panel is being developed and is currently in its final stage, and will involve more than 20 entities including designers, technology providers, regulators, water suppliers and end users who will meet to discuss eventual barriers against this technology. Read all interview