3rd Executive Board meeting of LIFE Hymemb

Third executive board meeting of LIFE Hymemb held at Alcantarilha WTP, Algarve, on the 25th May 2015. The meeting was particularly devoted to the recently assembled PAC/MF prototype

IMG_1022Last 25th May, the Executive Board of LIFE Hymemb met at Alcantarilha water treatment plant, Algarve, for the third time. The morning started with a visit to the water treatment plant and ended with a visit to the star of the day, the powdered activated carbon/ceramic microfiltration prototype (PAC/MF). Participants included members of both partners, LNEC and Águas do Algarve S.A., the European Commission External Monitor Dr. Filipa Ferrão (Neemo) and the National LIFE contact, Dr. Isabel Lico (APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente).

The prototype was engineered by LNEC´s team and assembled by ORM – Tecnologia e Ciência Lda, and was recently installed in Alcantarilha WTP, into a site adapted by AdA’s team. The start-up process is about to be concluded and the prototype will be used to demonstrate a resilient and sustainable solution for controlling emerging contaminants – pharmaceuticals, cyanotoxins, viruses, protozoa, natural organic matter – in drinking water production. A long-term demonstration will ensure a benchmarking between advanced (PAC/MF) and conventional treatment (PAC/ coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation) in terms of efficacy, reliability and efficiency (reagents demand, sludge production, energy consumption). Besides the morning visits, the meeting agenda also included presentations of actions’ progress and discussion of administrative and financial aspects.